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We are building a One-Stop-Shop Solution to manage Cryptocurrencies and Digital Assets

Kryptoskatt (Krypto + Skatt means Crypto Tax in Swedish). We are a Swedish company with a mission to help the crypto economy reach its maximum potential. We created a product to address the much growing problem for crypto mass adoption. The idea and need for our platform became more evident when handling our own crypto portfolios and after talking with hundreds of users, accountants and tax-authorities.

We started with this radical idea of building a One-Stop-Shop platform that reduces the complexity of starting and participating in crypto economy. Today, we offer an easy-to-use platform that can help individuals, accountants, tax-authorities across the globe to monitor, manage and report cryptocurrencies and digital assets(NFTs).

Our journey doesn't stop here, together with our team, community and partners we are determined to grow and drive the adoption of crypto economy to reach its maximum potential.

CEO of Kryptoskatt - Sukesh Kumar Tedla
“We love the crypto industry and we have built Kryptoskatt to help users manage their portfolios and get insights into their investments in the most simple way possible"
Sukesh Kumar Tedla
CEO & Founder
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