Kryptoskatt Joins Hands With INATBA To Redefine Crypto Taxes

Brihasi Dey

Kryptoskatt becomes a member of the International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA) to redefine taxes in the crypto industry. This collaboration marks a big step towards evolving how crypto taxes are done today – simplifying it for the masses and promoting crypto adoption. 

Launched in 2019 by the European Commission, INATBA – International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications, is a highly influential Association in advocating for Blockchain and DLT adoption in Europe and globally. INATBA is mainly known for its credibility with regulatory authorities and policymakers and is appraised for its contributions to Markets in Crypto Asset Regulation (MICA), Transfer of Funds Regulation (TFOR), electronic Identification, Authentication and Trust Services (eIDAS), CHAISE Project, EU Pact for Skills, Academic & Governmental Advisory Bodies, and its passionate diverse global community of CEOs, CTOs, Heads of Policy, Public/Institutional Relations, Legal, Marketing, Developers and Policymakers.

What Does Joining INATBA Mean For Kryptoskatt?

Kryptoskatt strives to bring crypto adoption to the masses and make crypto investors’ life stress-free. The application serves crypto investors, enterprises and public institutions with accounting, portfolio management and tax reporting services. Becoming a member of the INATBA means facilitation of their end goal while complying with evolving laws and regulations at all times.

Our membership reinforces the trust factor for Kryptoskatt users as INATBA members are adhered to follow transparency and fair policies while building industry-leading applications.

"We are excited to welcome Kryptoskatt as a member of INATBA. They are helping individuals and businesses navigate the complex world of crypto taxes and compliance, ultimately increasing transparency in the industry. We look forward to their continued engagement in the Finance Working Group on creating fair and effective taxation for public investment and services, while fostering a business environment in which innovation can thrive, " stated Ricardo Ricardo Simões. 

“It's an honor for Kryptoskatt to join INATBA's esteemed community of organizations in the crypto tax space. The community expertise and support will help us build better for the crypto audience,” said Sukesh Kumar Tedla, Kryptoskatt Founder and CEO. “Taxes have been one of the most complicated aspects of the crypto industry which intimidates many investors. We hope to simplify it for the masses while making sure everything complies with the laws. With INATBA, we look forward to building better solutions, simplify regulations and encouraging blockchain adoption.”

Earlier, Sukesh Kumar Tedla also co-founded Telos, a fast, scalable public blockchain network EVM focused on real-world use and adoption of web3. He is also the chairman and a board member of the Swedish Blockchain Association. As an expert working closely in the blockchain industry, he realized the complexity of the tax space which motivated him to build Kyptoskatt to simplify crypto taxation for the mass.

Being in the crypto tax space, Kryptoskatt has always taken regulations and compliance seriously for crypto assets. Now, as a part of the INATBA community, Kryptoskatt will be participating in shaping laws and regulatory policies for crypto taxes. This step comes as a potential for Kyptokskatt to help transform the blockchain industry meaningfully and fulfil its commitment towards crypto investors.

The Kryptoskatt team will be working closely with industry experts in the forum to accelerate innovation in their application. Joining INATBA will also give Kryptoskatt massive exposure to other community members or crypto investors in general who can benefit from the application. 

Kryptoskatt has recently been selected as one of the finalists in the Binance Labs Incubation Program Season 5 for its promising innovation in the crypto space. To know all their latest updates, follow Kryptoskatt on Twitter, and Linkedin.