File transfer of SRU files to the Swedish Tax Agency

Declaration guide for file transfer of SRU files.

When transferring SRU files to the Swedish Tax Agency, the following two files must be transferred:



You may not rename the files after they have been created. If you do, the transfer will not work.

The form BLANKETTER.SRU must not be larger than 5 Mb.

The first thing you should do is choose the tax year for the year you want to declare, you do it here on Then download the SRU files that contain the information you need to declare.

To download the files, go to Reports and select k4 SRU Forms and then click "DOWNLOAD REPORT"

Once the files are downloaded, the content will look like this

Notice that BLANKETTER contains more information, it's the same information as in the k4 form section D but now in SRU code.

What you need to do now in the BLANKETTER och INFO files is to enter your personal information:


On the file line #IDENTITET enter your social security number (12 digits).

On the file line #NAMN enter your name.


On the file line #ORGNR enter your social security number (12 digits).

On the file line #NAMN enter your name.

On the file line #POSTNR enter your postal code.

On the file line #POSTORT enter your street address.

When the files have been downloaded, log in to the Swedish Tax Agency and proceed to Income Tax return ("Inkomstdeklaration").

Then choose "Transfer files" ("Överföra filer").

Select the SRU files: "forms" ("blanketter") and "info" ("info").

Then click "Add" ("Lägg till") and then "Transfer" ("Överför >>")

When the SRU files have been transferred, it will look like this (please note that this is a test file).

You can also make this file transfer when you declare the Income Tax Return ("Inkomstdeklaration").

When you are on the "Inkomstdeklaration 1" (Income tax) page, click the "Bilagor" link.

Then add the appendix "Sale of securities etc. (K4)" ("Försäljning av värdepapper m.m. (K4)") and select "Import" (Importera).

Instead of entering all the events separately, you simply transfer the SRU files which contains all the necessary information.

For more information click here -> Information about SRU


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