EOS Tax Documents

EOS is a platform that’s designed to allow developers to build decentralized apps (otherwise known as DApps for short.) The EOS platform was developed by the company Block.one, and its white paper was authored by Daniel Larimer and Brendan Blumer, the blockchain was launched in June 2018.

How to

Here we have summed up different steps on how to download your transaction data from EOS and how to connect your Kryptoskatt account through an API.

Transactions via API

Add your EOS (EOS) address and sync your transactions directly from the blockchain ledger.

Transactions via CSV file import

Follow these steps to get your CSV files:
  1. First go to Eosauthority and enter your account name
  2. Once your account loads you should see an “Export transactions” button which exports a CSV containing your transactions
  3. Next go to Kryptoskatts Add Wallets/Exchanges
  4. Choose your EOS CSV file and upload it to your account

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