FTX Tax Documents

FTX is a FTX is a Bahamian cryptocurrency exchange platform founded in 2019 that offers advanced trading options like margin and futures trading. FTX supports more than 300 cryptocurrencies and also have their own token that can be staked if so wanted. FTX's key product offerings include futures, leveraged tokens, options, MOVE contracts, and spot markets.

How to

Here we have summed up two simple ways on how to export your transactions data, withdrawals and deposits from FTX and connect it to your Kryptoskatt account, via API or CSV files.

Transactions via API

Follow these steps to connect your transaction data from FTX to your Kryptoskatt account.
  1. First login or create an account at FTX
  2. When you have logged in, hover over your username in the navbar and go down and click on “API“
  3. Scroll down to the button and click the “Create API Key”
  4. Next add all the necessary access restriction
  5. Now you can add your API key and API secret to Kryptoskatt and import your FTX transactions

Transactions via CSV file import

Follow these steps to get your CSV files:
  1. Hover over the Orders text at the top of the navbar and click "Order History"
  2. Select the trades you what to explore Orders or Trigger Orders and click the “DOWNLOAD” button to the right
  3. If the CSV files have downloaded separately then create a zip file containing these CSV files.
  4. Now go to Kryptoskatts Add Wallets/Exchanges
  5. Choose your FTX CSV file and upload it to your account

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