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Supports 500+ wallets & exchanges

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Kryptoskatt has direct integration with multiple exchanges, wallets, and blockchains. Easily import all your clients' transactions using API or CSV.

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Integrate NFT wallets - ERC721, AtomicAssets, OpenSea, and many more.
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Supports multiple cost-basis calculations - ACB, HIFO, FIFO, LIFO.
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Access custom DeFi portfolios.

Kryptoskatt has everything you need

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A simple, fast, and secure way to manage your clients' crypto assets.

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Easy Clients Onboard

Our platform allows you to invite and manage your clients with easy process.

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Calculate Crypto Tax

See your total holdings ROI, and growth over time. Preview your Capital Gains, Profits and losses. Validate all the errors and warnings.

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Generate Tax Documents

Visualize your trades in an intuitive dashboard. Download your Tax report in different formats.

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