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Manage your DeFi investments

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Remove the hassle of calculating taxes on different crypto assets. Get complete DeFi support and easily manage taxes.

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Get support of 1000+ Defi protocols, top DAOs, 30+ EVM chains, and much more.
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Whether you are staking, LP’ing, or lending—Kryptoskatt categorizes all your DeFi transactions automatically.
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Simplify complex on-chain activities and get instant tax reports.
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Supports 1000+ Protocols

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View all your DeFi investments in a single dashboard!
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Track your portfolio and access DeFi services in one place. Choose the features that best suit your needs.

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Having questions? We’re here to help you out
What is DeFi?

DeFi is an acronym of Decentralized Finance, where you can trade Digital Assets and everything is Decentralized.

What’s the difference between DeFi and traditional finance?

Traditional Finance is the existing banking system and financial infrastructure we have, whereas with DeFi everything is Digital and Decentralized, the logic and workflows of traditional finance are coded on the blockchains as smart contracts in DeFi, increasing overall efficiency and reducing fees for investors.

Can DeFi activity be taxed?

Yes, DeFi activity is also taxable in many jurisdictions. You'll have to report capital gains on the cryptocurrencies or tokens and also have to report the earned LP or lending rewards as income. We support Auto-Sync on 1000+ DeFi protocols across 35+ blockchains to help you offer a complete DeFi suite.

What does Kryptoskatt DeFi module include?

DeFi module gives you access to a DeFi dashboard where you can see your whole DeFi portfolio including active positions, rewards and full transaction history as well. With Kryptoskatt DeFi module, you can get a complete overview of your DeFi portfolio on the go.