Crypto donations in times of instability

Team Kryptoskatt
  • Ukraine has received around $37 million in Crypto Donations for the war, and has so far spent $15 million on different military supplies
  • Crypto payment processor Coingate and IBS (International Business Settlement have begun an arrangement with NBU (National Bank of Ukraine), to give people the ability to donate to Ukraine via more than 70 different crypto assets.
  • Coingate executive Matas Kibildis, is quoted in a report where he explains how the importance of Cryptocurrency has proven itself:
  • “The fact that any person or private company can easily do cross-border decentralized-system donations to countries facing conflicts is truly mesmerizing and one of the big reasons why the community is actively supporting Ukraine.” (Source:
  • If you too want to donate Crypto for the cause, please scroll down to see pictures of confirmed wallet addresses posted by the official Ukrainian twitter and Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov